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near the lake under pine trees at the Oahu botanical gardens

The Details

Is there a better place to be engaged than Hawaii? It’s a paradise on earth with amazing locations for you to announce to the world, “I’m engaged!!” One of the prettiest and easy to access locations for you to have your engagement session is at the Botanical Gardens on Oahu, Hawaii. 

The Gardens offer the stunning views you expect when you visit Hawaii, without all of the sweating and hiking.You get a lush, green, paradisiacal vibe for your session without having to worry about hikes, trails, and parking. 

Those are some of the reasons Minato and Roman decided on the Botanical Gardens for their engagement session. We got there right as the park was opening at nine o’clock in the morning. We drove to the lake parking lot and walked down to start the session near the lake. We were able to capture stunning views of the mountains and trees. We stayed around the lake and found a fun bench as well as huge majestic trees.

Afterwards we continued to drive up through the gardens and found a secluded spot to continue the session. There are ample locations where you can capture beautiful Hawaiian backdrops without having to worry about other people.

Three Things to Know when Photographing at the Botanical Gardens:

Overall we had a blast during this engagement session at the botanical gardens and recommend Hawaii to anyone who is about to be engaged. However, here are a couple of things to know when photographing at the botanical gardens:

  1. They are open from 9am to 4pm. This means that sunrise and sunset sessions aren’t possible for most of the year.
  2. They don’t allow photography on the roads. For our road shots we had to find side roads that weren’t being used.
  3. Depending on the type of session and the commercial uses of it, you’ll need a permit to photograph there.

We hope this helps as you plan your engagement session. We hope you enjoy the session!

If you want your engagement session to look like this, please reach out to us through our website or at bythereeses@gmail.com.

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(assistant to the photographer, Alex)

running at the oahu botanical gardens


We are Alex & Tyler Reese, married best friends and wedding photographers.


February 9, 2022

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